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The Minutes of Council meetings, and those of its Committees are published on these pages. By convention, only those Minutes that have been presented to the following meeting for agreement and signature by the Chairman will be made available.


If you have a question about the Minutes, please contact the Clerk to the Council in the first instance.


For the Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group please visit the Planning pages.


The Minutes for the Council (there are no meetings in August), its Risk Managament Committee, the Playgrounds Working Group, and Annual Parish Meetings are available online for the years listed below - just click on the link required:


2010-11  2011-12  2012-13  2013-14  2014-15  2015-16  2016-17



The Parish Council provides a number of direct services to the community, and acts as custodian to a number of assets held in the 'public name'. It has one part-time employee, The Clerk to the Council.

Our principle asset is the Recreation Ground, off Sandfield, West Lavington (leased from The Holloway Trust). Home to football teams and public events such as the Church Fete, this is a huge space - big enough for two football pitches, a BMX track and two playgrounds - one for juniors and one for seniors.The Council has taken on the responsibility for maintenance, repairs and insurance for these facilities, including the seasonal cutting of the grass by a contractor.


The Council also leases out parcels of land for The Village Hall and The Youth Club, which are each managed by  independent charities and trustees.


We are also custodians for the bus stops, the Closed Burial Ground at All Saints Church ('the Churchyard') and the War Memorial within, as well as The Millenium Cross at the entrance to Sandfields.

Although Wiltshire Council is the Planning Authority, the Parish Council is consulted on each planning application made in the parish. Councillors consider planning applications at their meetings, and inform Wiltshire Council of their views.


The Council provides a number of waste bins around the Parish including dog-waste bins at the recreation ground. A contractor is retained to empty these bins weekly.


At each meeting of the Council, reports from a variety of village organisations are received, and Councillors seek to provide support where necessary in order that local groups can continue to thrive. Reports include observations on Footpaths, and any remedial work that may be required. Click here for more on our Footpaths.


Each meeting considers issues for communities such as speeding and volume of traffic, inappropriate use of rights of way, facilities for young people, or items of maintenance in the 'public realm' that need reporting to appropriate authorities.


A budget is managed by the Council, supported by its Clerk, with funds provided through the Council Tax system. Each year the Council decides how much it will need to continue providing services, and to consider whether it should use its powers to expand its range of activities and support for the community. See our 'How we do it' page to the right for more details.

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