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The Council derives its funding from a share of the Council Tax, which is collected by Wiltshire Council. The Parish Council agrees 'the precept' each year, which is calculated to be the sum it requires from the Council Tax to fund its activities and services, less any remaining funds from the previous year and grants it may receive from time to time.

The budget for 2017/18 is:              £   The budget for 2016/17 was:       £
Salaries, Allowances and fees 6000   Salaries, Allowances and fees 5586
Administration 450   Administration 450
Training 200   Training 200
Grants 6000   Grants 5600
Subscriptions 450   Subscriptions 440
Insurance 1185   Insurance 1185
Grounds Maintenance 1800   Grounds Maintenance 1800
Rights of Way 1000   Rights of Way 600
Closed Burial Ground 1260   Closed Burial Ground 1260
Waste 1200   Waste 1000
Repairs and Maintenance inc Playground 2500   Repairs & Maint incl Playground 1500
Audit 350   Audit 315
Project 5000   Project 3680
Emergency Planning 1000   Emergency Planning 200
Neighbourhood Plan 0   Neighbourhood Plan 3000
Contingency 1221   Contingency 2000
TOTAL 29616   TOTAL 28816
Financed from     Financed from  
Bank 221   Bank 0
WC Grant 0   WC Grant 110
Precept 29608   Precept 28706
TOTAL 29616   TOTAL 28816
Notification of Date of Commencement of Period for Inspection of Accounts 2016-17
Notificationi of Financial Accounts 2016[...]
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The closing Financial Report for 2014/15 is below:

Microsoft Word document [75.5 KB]

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