Past Stages of Neighbourhood Plan Preparation

The Neighbourhood Plan preparation has taken many years, in late 2015 the Parish Council undertook consultation on an initial early version of the Neighbourhood Plan. The details relating to this past work on the Neighbourhood Plan are detailed below and on the sub-page tabs to the right hand side.


On the sub-page to the right is the 2015 Initial Early First Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan . It has now been superseded by further work. 


Past Consultation


Consultation in 2015 involved the following questions: 




C1: Is the level of housing growth proposed over the Plan period acceptable?         


C2: Do you support the proposed Settlement Boundary incorporating only minor

revisions but subject to the inclusion of any additional designated housing sites that are proposed by this Plan?                                                                          


C3: Please rank in order of preference the four options set out in Table 2                


C4: Are there any other development options that you feel should be considered? 


C5: Do you agree with the Policies that are proposed in the Draft plan? If you

disagree with any please specify.


C6: Are there any important policies that are within the use and development of land scope of a Neighbourhood Plan that you feel have been omitted and should be proposed?  


C7: Are there any other matters concerning the Scoping Study or the process and

proposals in the Draft Plan that you would like to comment upon?


A summary of the feedback received to consultation can be seen on the sub-page tab to the right hand side. 


Data Protection

West Lavington Parish Council has a duty to protect personal information and will process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any amendments to the Act. The personal data you provide will only be used for the purpose of this Neighbourhood Plan. The data will be stored on computer and/or manual files. You have a right to a copy of your information held by any organisation, with some exemptions. To gain access to your personal data held by the parish council  or if you have any Data Protection concerns please contact the parish council’s Data Protection Officer (the Clerk to the Council) on  07782 251464 or email .

Householders' Leaflet November 2015
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