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Neighbourhood Plan - Past Stages
West Lavington Parish Council image Photograph courtesy Paul Rayner

The Neighbourhood Plan comprises the following stages:

Past Stages of Neighbourhood Plan Preparation

The Consultation Strategy and Plan for the Neighbourhood Planning process is a live document and will be updated to set out current progress and intentions. It can be found in the Download Library (Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2014).


Past Consultation - What You Said

The Neighbourhood Plan preparation has taken many years.

Phase 1

The first community-wide formal consultation process started on 24 February 2014. Initial publicity was launched. The Advisory Leaflet - distributed to every household and organisation in the parish - is in the Download Library Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2014.

A questionnaire was provided to, and collected from, every household and there was a public exhibition in the Village Hall on 1 March. The questionnaire is in the Download Library ( Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2014). The Consultation Analysis is also available there - a summary sheet, or the full presentation. This consultation phase closed on 10 March 2014.


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An exhibition of these results was also held at the Village Hall Fayre on Saturday 5 April 2014, and a presentation given on Neighbourhood Planning and our consultation at the Annual Parish Meeting on 16 May 2014.

This was just Phase One - there will be several more consultation opportunities as the draft Plan takes shape, see below for the next Phase.

A further update on the work of the Steering Group was also given at the Annual Parish Meeting on 27 May 2015.
Phase Two

The first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan was available for consultation for approximately 8 weeks from 21 November 2015 until 16 January 2016. A public event was held on 28 November in The Village Hall. The 2015 consultation involved the following questions:


C1: Is the level of housing growth proposed over the Plan period acceptable?

C2: Do you support the proposed Settlement Boundary incorporating only minor revisions but subject to the inclusion of any additional designated housing sites that are proposed by this Plan?

C3: Please rank in order of preference the four options set out in Table 2

C4: Are there any other development options that you feel should be considered?

C5: Do you agree with the Policies that are proposed in the Draft plan? If you disagree with any please specify.

C6: Are there any important policies that are within the use and development of land scope of a Neighbourhood Plan that you feel have been omitted and should be proposed?

C7: Are there any other matters concerning the Scoping Study or the process and proposals in the Draft Plan that you would like to comment upon?

The consultation leaflet accompanying the questionnaire is available in the Download Library(Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2015).

The first draft plan and the report and analysis on the consultation regarding it, published by the Parish Council, are available in the Download Library (Neighbourhood Plan, Consultation 2015).