Village Care and Link

This is a Good Neighbour Scheme offering practical assistance and transport to anyone in need, living in the villages of West Lavington, Littleton Panell or Little Cheverell.

Transport is generally for medical-related appointments where the client feels unable to use public transport.

The Village Care and Link Group is organised by a committee of local people supported by a team of volunteers, funded by donations as well as Wiltshire Council & NHS grants obtained via Community First’s “Link Project”.

How does it work ?

- If you need help simply phone our central phone number 01380 816826. The phone is staffed by volunteers from Village Care & Link.

- The co-ordinator who answers the phone will ask you for your details, and the date, time and location of your appointment and will then find a volunteer driver who is able to drive you.

- The volunteer driver will call you back to introduce himself/herself and to confirm when he/she will collect you.

- If you wish to give a donation, the driver will ask you to put it in a donation envelope which will be taken to our treasurer.


We depend on our volunteers. If you would like to apply to become a volunteer for Village Care & Link for West Lavington, Littleton Panell and Little Cheverell please call 01380 818510.

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our community. As a volunteer you would be covered by third party insurance all the time you are helping someone booked through our central number. You would also be entitled to mileage expenses.

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