The Council derives its funding from a share of the Council Tax, which is collected by Wiltshire Council. The Parish Council agrees ‘the precept’ each year, which is calculated to be the sum it requires from the Council Tax to fund its activities and services, less any remaining funds from the previous year and grants it may receive from time to time. Below you will find information about our financial management as well as copies of financial statements in accordance with legislation.

Important Documents

You can download copies of important financial documents below including Annual Statements, Budgets and Accounts.

Financial Records


For 2023:Period for the Exercise of Public Rights was 5/6/2023 to 14/07/2023. External auditor was PFK Littlejohn LLP.

For 2024: Period for the Exercise of public rights is 3/6/2024 to 12/07/2024. Accounting Statements are as yet unaudited. External auditor is PFK Littlejohn LLP.