Whether you are interested in becoming a parish councillor, would like to help
look after our footpaths and open spaces, or want to help in some other way, volunteers
make a valuable contribution to our community.

What we do

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our community. As a volunteer you would be covered for third party insurance all the time you are helping someone booked through our central number. You would also be entitled to mileage expenses.

Rights of Way/footpaths work parties in the parish – if you would like to volunteer, or to find out more about what the Parish Council does with rights of way, pleaseĀ contact us.

The Parish Council is proud to support volunteering in the community and has signed the Valuing Volunteering Promise.

You can get involved in helping to conserve, and learn more about your surroundings from these organisations:

Nature Butterfly conservation
Woodland Trust
The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
The Great Bustard Group